SEO & Lead Generation Services I Provide

  • SEO & Content Strategy Development
  • SEO Content Audits
  • SEO Page Optimizations
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Organic Traffic Analysis & Penalty Recovery​
  • SEO Coaching & In-House Expertise
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • YouTube & Video SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing, Google Ads & AdWords
  • Ecommerce SEO

All of my services are holistic. I operate as an extension of your marketing team, keeping your brand and target customer top of mind in everything I do. It’s critical that your marketing partners share this mindset to accomplish your goal of growing leads and revenue.

Quick background on me

  • Executed SEO initiatives for Fortune 100 brands, and over a dozen Fortune 500 brands
  • Instrumental in former agency winning ‘Best Large SEO Agency of the Year’ award in 2016, leading to a successful acquisition
  • Have helped customers grow organic traffic by up to 88% in under 6 months
  • Work has appeared in SEO Magazine, PRNews, The Moz Blog, and more

Yes, I am that rare SEO & content marketing partner you’ve been looking for.

  • Someone who focuses on real business growth
  • Someone with the specialized skills to naturally compliment your team
  • Someone who knows how to work across your organization to make things happen (development, content, PR, social, product, etc.)

I also have a network of designers, developers, and PPC professionals that I partner with.

Below are more detailed descriptions of my services.

SEO & Content Strategy Development

Most marketers know that SEO is important, but have no idea how to make steady progress over time (improving traffic, conversions and revenue from organic). They feel rudderless.

Having a real SEO & content strategy will give you…

  • clarity as to how your organic footprint will grow 3, 6 and 9 months down the road.
  • peace of mind that this area of your marketing is covered, freeing you up to focus on other marketing campaigns.
  • excitement, now that you understand how your target audience is searching online, and how to harvest that demand through targeted content. You will have that “ah ha!” moment.

We’ll create this strategy by analyzing…

  • the performance of your online properties
    • what organic visibility are you already earning?
    • how can we build on that?
    • how “search friendly” is the technical setup of your site?
  • competitors & sites within your niche
    • who are your SEO competitors? (hint: it’s not always the sites you’d expect)
    • what are the opportunities they are capitalizing on that you are not?
    • what partnership opportunities exist with other sites in your niche?
  • less obvious wants and needs of your target audience
    • what keeps them up at night?
    • what are the “needs” that they don’t even know they have?
    • how can we serve the needs that they have in order to introduce your products and services?

And that’s just the foundation. From there we will determine the strategic initiatives that make the most sense for your business, and how to prioritize them to create the largest impact as soon as possible.


A willingness to earn visibility from your target audience based on what they are searching for, not just your market differentiator.

SEO Content Audits

Many marketing teams’ idea of a content strategy has two steps:

  1. hire someone who can write
  2. agree on a weekly output (ex. 3 blog posts a week).

Months down the road, the team is frustrated. They are refreshing Google Analytics wondering why they arn’t getting the traffic that reflects the effort they are putting in. Their solution? More blog posts! They increase production to 5 posts a week, and months down the road have the same frustrated conversation.

Producing more content is not a substitute for creating targeted content within a well-researched content strategy. The former creates frustration. The later creates momentum.

Investing in an SEO content audit will…

  • Clarify how your content is performing
  • Highlight opportunities to refocus existing content to earn more traffic
  • Identify ‘content gaps’ that can be filled to attract your target audience
  • Point out the external sites and publications to partner with


A willingness to stop creating content for the sake of having content, and start prioritizing content improvement over superficial production goals.

SEO Page Optimizations

Creating unique & valuable pages is a great first step, but is your content leaving money on the table?

Whether it’s a product & service page, a landing page, a resource page or a blog post – the difference between a page that’s been optimized by an SEO professional and a page that’s been “SEO’d” by a marketer or a WordPress plugin can be massive.

That difference in SEO expertise could be the difference between a page driving a handful of organic users a month and driving several hundred organic users a month.

And the best part? This is traffic that you will continue to receive. Month-over-month. Well beyond your initial investment. In comparison, advertising stops attracting users when the budgeted investment stops.

We’ll create this result by…

  • Analyzing how users are currently finding the page through search results (or not)
  • Identifying the most relevant AND highly searched user queries that align with the value of the page
  • Updating the page and related pages to reflect this targeting
  • Monitoring the page over days and weeks to ensure an increase in performance


An ability to update content and pages without many layers of approval. A willingness to share site performance data.

Technical SEO Audits

Even a world class content & SEO strategy can fall short if technical SEO is not factored in. This is especially true for ecommerce sites and very large websites.

Think of technical SEO as your qualifying trial to the olympics – it doesn’t matter how amazing you are at your sport, without your qualifying trial, you won’t even have the opportunity to perform.  This is why insights revealed in a technical SEO audit can lead to site updates that unlock substantial increases in traffic overnight.

Investing in an SEO audit will provide you with a “hit list” of site updates and initiatives, prioritized by expected impact, and ease of implementation.

Some of the questions we’ll be examining & answering include…

  • How are your various page types being crawled & indexed by Googlebot?
  • How is your overall site being interpreted by search engines?
  • How do your pages link to each other, and what is that communicating to Google?


A willingness and ability to share data. Access to platforms such as Google Analytics & Google Search Console.